Trolley Mounted Diaphragm Pumps

Portability Kits

As specialists in the diaphragm pump industry for coming over 40 years strong, we've a lot of actual experience in using these pumps in and around sites. Diaphragm pumps are a great way to safely relocate fluids from one containment vessel or area to another, but due to the large range of substances that can be put through a unit, the weight and feasibility of actually moving these pumps around your work place can sometimes then become an issue.

As we have been hiring diaphragm pumps for a number of years now we have of course received numerous amounts of feedback in relation to the best usage of these unit too. This led us to developing more and more ways for these pumps to be easily transported, to be fully inclusive of our clients needs, and to give that little bit extra ease of use to make everyones lives simpler.

On the right is one of our Wilden Transfer pumps. As you can guess, built fully in Polypropylene this pump is quite a size and weight to move about - especially with product adding weight inside it. Lumping this unit around site would be a workout in itself, not to mention the health and safety aspect with regards to lifting and risks of contact with dangerous fluids. The trolley bypasses all these issues simply. We have also included an earthing strap for grounding on our fuel pumps just to eliminate even the slightest possibility of spark, whip-check straps, and a full air filter regulator device allowing the pump to be easily controlled and monitored. This helps to ensure the cleanest of supplies from your compressor.